Who Am I?

I am a music composer and producer from New Hampshire who specializes in video game music, hard rock / heavy metal, and pop. I have years of experience in composition and production both through my individual studies, and through formal education from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. (don’t worry – I’ll spare you the jazz!)

I also occasionally blog about music and I always love interacting with others in the industry. I set up this website as a digital home for my music, and also as a connection to others in the business. It allows me to share my background, experience, and opinions with other people interested – whether you are a fellow music producer, or just a listener.

My roots are in rock music, but I enjoy a variety of styles. Above all, I believe that when it comes to great music, melody is everything. Strong, memorable melodic ideas form the cornerstone for all music I take inspiration from, as well as the music I aim to create myself.

For more information about my video game compositions, please visit this page.

Contact Me

I love connecting with fans of my music. Feel free to contact me on Twitter, or send me an email at aaron@bonneau.com.